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New References
Dear Everybody,

we have updated our KESSEL references!

You can find lots of new references in a completely different look with special information to each building.
Please have a look about them at www.kessel.com/references

Below you can find 3 from over 35 new references:

Attached Files
.pdf Reference_Altair_EN.pdf Size: 1.71 MB  Downloads: 4
.pdf Reference_Doha_Oasis_EN.pdf Size: 1.52 MB  Downloads: 2
.pdf Reference_Therme_Bucuresti_EN.pdf Size: 1.4 MB  Downloads: 2
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THanks for adding the references. I see that they are worldwide!  I wish you would add some in Texas, where I run a business.  Its great to have information like this when i made my deliveries. I run a texas trucking company and its very helpful to have information like this when I go to make deliveries.

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