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Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - Carima Kessel - 03-15-2019

Dear drainage professionals,

Additionally to our full range booth in hall 4.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 we also have a second booth in hall 9.0 this year. Here we concentrate at our lifting and pumping stations. 

Are you interested in our second booth, our range of lifting and pumping station and want to know what new products we have in this product group? Visit us at booth D76 hall 9.0 our just have a look at our booth video:

RE: Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - MargaretEdwards - 09-25-2019

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RE: Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - alba133 - 10-20-2019

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RE: Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - racheljoy27 - 10-23-2019

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RE: Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - jackwills09 - 11-18-2019
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RE: Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - sofiawilliams92 - 12-05-2019

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RE: Additional booth hall 9.0 at ISH Frankfurt 2019 - resumeuncle - 12-14-2019

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