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ace-Exhibition in India - Martin Jais - 11-16-2018

Together with our Partner Nugreen we had the first day on the Exhibition in Mumbai.

Nearly 100 visitors came today to our booth which is about 60m² big. These KESSEL products are present: Staufix, Classic, Ecoguss, Linearis Compact, Scada, Minilift F, Aqualift F Basic and the model of a IL-separator. Nugreen is using our Exhibition models which we provide to your local Exhibitions.

For Saturday and Sunday Nugreen is expection more than 500 visitor per day. 
Good luck !

First pictures from Mumbai:

RE: ace-Exhibition in India - Kamaljeet - 12-08-2018

Yes it was over 500 visitors last days.

RE: ace-Exhibition in India - alisonjhon - 07-25-2019

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